Leverletto - by Bill DeShivs



"F16", like the Fighting Falcon supersonic fighter aircraft of United States Air Force

This is an awesome knife, strong and solid mechanism with it's double springs inside for a durable and faster opening. Blade play is almost zero.minimum blade play. Press the button forward and the blade rockets out. Pull the firing button back and the blade retracts safely. Very simple! The action is fast and the knife is light and ergonomic. Satin razon sharp bayonet blade, black pocket clip. Its design and proportions remind the italian stiletto.

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  • Overall lenght : 20cm - 8"
  • Blade lenght : 8,5 cm - 3,35"
  • Blade thickness : 0,3 cm - 0,12"
  • Weight : 88 gr
  • Blade material : 440A Stainless steel
  • Handle material : Aluminium